[LMB] Beta Colony, was Crime, computers and fast-penta

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Tue Dec 6 22:33:47 GMT 2011

[LMB] Crime, computers and fast-penta
Anthony de Boer adb at adb.ca
Tue Dec 6 17:45:43 GMT 2011

Something like a generation ship, spending centuries between the stars
all sealed up in a big can, would be a *really* critical environment
for having exactly the right number of children on the right schedule
*or else*.

LMB:  Yes, and don't forget that Beta Colony was the only planet 
successfully settled by sub-light generation ships -- the trip one-way 
took about 40 years, I once posited.  They then had their own Time of 
Isolation for a while before someone found a jump close enough to 
reconnect them.

Their ToI was not as isolated as Barrayar's -- they did have limited 
light-speed communications, and a few trips back and forth to Earth, in 
that time period.

Of _course_ this had an effect on the ensuing culture.  Not to mention 
that the original founder population was screened in a bunch of ways 
from the get-go -- including psychologically.  That cultural trait goes 
back to the era of the Ships, I'm sure.

What little pre-series stuff I had on Beta Colony can be found in that 
first short story, "Dreamweaver's Dilemma".  Cordelia came from BC in 
part, at the opening of _Shards_, because I'd already made some of it up.

The ill-fated Alpha Colony was also from that same era.  Not even a 
"Croatan" carved on a tree by the time anyone got back there to check...

Ta, L.

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