[LMB] Children's Book? (Minor CryoBurn spoilers)

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Sat Jan 1 00:40:21 GMT 2011

Gretchen Wright wrote:
> Whitcomb Johnstone wrote:
>> I beg everyone's pardon if this question has already been asked and
>> answered, but in CryoBurn Jin mentions a book where some children are
>> adopted by a professor during a war, and there is a horse-drawn cart and
>> caves by the sea. I was wondering if LMB was referring to a real book, and
>> if so what the title was? I immediately guessed The Lion The Witch and the
>> Wardrobe, but there were no caves by the sea in that book, and Jin mentioned
>> no talking lions, so that one's out.
> Joel Polowin:
> The first element made me think of _TL,TW,atW_, the second then brought
> _The Magician's Nephew_ to mind.  Possibly a book of _The Chronicles of
> Narnia_?  The only "caves by the sea" that I can recall would be a bit
> of a stretch: the Sunless Sea in _The Silver Chair_.  In other UK-based
> children's books, the "caves by the sea" makes me think of _Green Smoke_
> by Rosemary Manning, but if it were that I'm sure that Jin would think
> of the dragon rather than the landscape.
> Gretchen:
> Here is the snippet (love etexts!)
> A sudden picture bloomed in Jin's mind of the odd little fellow living all alone
> in a cottage in the country-no, better, a big rambling old house with a vast
> overgrown garden. Like the book with that old professor who had taken in
> two children from the city during wartime-Jin didn't know what war, except
> it was from a period before anybody got frozen. There'd been a horse that
> drew a cart, and wonderful adventures involving a cave with blind white fish.
> *** The *two* children rather than four rules out Narnia.... Nothing else comes
> to mind, though.... Did Lois invent it? Tantalizing!
> Gretchen
there was a  movie on recently about a small group of kids fobbed off on their uncle, beastly nephew and old family heap of a home. There was a passage in the conservatory that lead down to a cave ssytem that ended up on a beach in an alternate universe with a funky turtle looking magic dragon thingy. I always thought it might be that book.

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