[LMB] OT: Australia (was Take care, everyone)

Marian Lesslie marianlesslie at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 01:26:34 GMT 2011

> Huntsmen are nice .. they eat pesky insects. Ignore them and they ignore
> you. Redbacks on the other hand are not nice. And there are more of them
> around here.
>  LucyC

Oh no, redbacks are nice. They're small and they live outdoors. And, since I
am a terrible city-dweller and hardly ever venture outdoors, that's OK with
me :)

Huntsmen on the other hand are HUGE and HULKING and they come indoors and
LURK and SCUTTLE and live under things and LOOM at you from the corners of
the room. Or there was the time there was one IN MY SHOWER CURTAIN(!!!!!!)
while I was attempted to get into the shower and it JUMPED ON MY
BACK(!!!!!!) which then reduced me to a gibbering wreck of fear. (Yes, they
do eat insects and perform a valuable ecological function, but I would much
rather they did it ELSEWHERE, thankyouverymuch.)

(When I was in England, I saw a pub called the Huntsman. The picture on the
sign was of a nice gentleman in red with some pretty doggies, but I just
could not bring myself to go near it.)

(who apologises for the CAPS -- but they are CAPS of arachnophobic TERROR
and not of being cross :D)

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