[LMB] CRYOBURN: What happens next for. . . (FIC)

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Sat Jan 1 02:21:57 GMT 2011

> From: Royce McDaniels roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com

> I see her as continuing as Vicereine (remember that it is specifically noted
> as being coequal as opposed to through her husband) on Sergyar until she is
> ready to retire. She still has Mark AND Miles to look after, remember, and
> they are largely tied to Barrayar for now. Not to mention all those
> grandchildren (both Miles' existant ones and Mark's putative ones (once
> Kareen is ready for them)).

> On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 7:10 AM, Tracy A <greenlady31 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > After Cryoburn, what happens next for Cordelia? It's hard to imagine her
> > either playing the traditional widow on Barrayar, or trying to step back
> > into Betan society.

When I got to THAT part in Cryoburn, my first thought was 'ohhhh Aral! no!' 
My second thought was of a pair of black boots in the mud, as he stood over
her, waiting patiently, that first moment. My third thought, and the one relevant
here, was that the grandchildren wouldn't have a chance to know Aral.

Even in their thirties Gregor and Miles still needed advice, guidance and support
from Aral. I was so hoping that there'd be some quiet retirement time after
Sergyar, when he sat in the sun at Vorkosigan Surleau and the grandchildren
had a chance to listen to his stories, and learn from him.
With Aral gone, I don't think that Cordelia will go back to Beta for good. All
true wealth is biological, and those grandchildren are her own personal
empire. And Miles and Mark too, of course. Ekaterin is fearsomely busy, she
wouldn't mind some help. Gregor would love to have Cordelia closer to hand.
And the grandchildren... she'll want to be with them, or see them, regularly.
She has to tell them about Aral. And make sure they get a good Betan upbringing.
I think she'll go back to Beta, for a while, but Barrayar will draw her back. She's
spent more time within the Empire than on Beta. And so often, migrants don't 
like the new country, the old one was so much better, it was HOME. And they go
home, and ... it's not right any more. I've seen a few cases of people who 
moved to Australia, missed their old country and went home, then realised
they'd changed, and they came back to the new place after all. I think Cordelia
has changed more than she realises. And she never quite fit in on Beta, anyway.
I don't think she'll stay on Sergyar, I think she'll move to Barrayar. But she'll need
some new job, and Gregor will have to push the envelope a bit more for her. 
Having Cordelia around will be good, but Cordelia with nothing to do is dangerous.
I wonder what job she'll take - Minister for the Equality of Women? Probably, but
not with so obvious a title.
Not that I've spent much time thinking of this....
Gwynne (still thinking)

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