[LMB] The Movie 'WATERWORLD' as analogous to the Time-of-Isolation?

Leanne Martin leanne_martinau at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jan 1 14:24:46 GMT 2011

Hi All,

Kevin Costner's WATERWORLD was reshown tonight here on the idiot box. After 
having read so much of LMB it really struck me as being analogous to the 
Time-of-Isolation for Barrayar. Not, of course, in the sense of there being a 
universe 'out there' that they may be able to reach again one day but in the 
collapse of societal and technological norms.

Folks falling back on prior historical behaviours (e.g. the 'Exxon Valdez' as a 
fiefdom) to ruthlessly scramble for precious limited resources.

It seemed more timely now as an eco-movie than when I first saw it years ago.



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