[LMB] OT: Australia (was Take Care)

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 17:38:21 GMT 2011

Marian wrote:

> Huntsmen on the other hand are HUGE and HULKING and they come
> indoors and
> LURK and SCUTTLE and live under things and LOOM at you from the
> corners of
> the room. Or there was the time there was one IN MY SHOWER CURTAIN
> (!!!!!!)
> while I was attempted to get into the shower and it JUMPED ON MY
> BACK(!!!!!!) which then reduced me to a gibbering wreck of fear.

I wouldn't cope with that either, no way. The size of them. Jeez. Big
spiders in the U.K. (small by others' standards, a maximum of say 4"
spindly-legspan) freak me out a little, and it's taken me years to
train myself to cope with them. And they are harmless...
I think the U.S.'s Brown Recluse Spider, which likes snuggling into
towels etc, and whose bite creates a sort of long-term creeping
gangrene, is the one that scares me the most though. Gruesome pic of
result of bite:

Fortunately when I went to South Africa all I saw were lizards and
snakes, which don't scare me.

I don't remember any mention of spiders on Barrayar. Another reason to
love the place.

happy to live in the land of the harmless critter.

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