[LMB] Radovas Wormhole Defense System?

Keith Wells dkwells66 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 21:04:47 GMT 2011

In going back through the various books, checking Tel's wormhole map against
text evidence, I was struck with a curious similarity.  The fire ships
described in SOH block wormholes by setting up a resonance in the middle of
the jump node using a matter/anti-matter explosion. The Radovas "novel
device" use irregular Necklin Generators to also set up an unusual resonance
in the wormhole node.  Could this be developed into the next generation of
Wormhole defense?

The device Radovas smuggled on to the Soletta was apparently not exceptional
in size or appearance.  I could see a robot drone being built to carry one
without too much problem.  Arrange a few of these to patrol randomly around
a wormhole access to your system.  If a ship jumps through broadcasting a
"The British are coming! The British are coming!" type message, you activate
a drone to broadcast a signal at the wormhole, setting up a resonance that
blocks any additional jumps.  It gives you time to assemble the local home
fleet in a net around the wormhole.  Deactivate the drone, and allow the
invaders to come into your established kill zone one at a time.

Successful invasions depend upon establishing a beach head point that the
defenders are unable to repel.  If you can stop the beach head from ever
developing by controlling access to the "home front", you can prevent

Keith Wells

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