[LMB] Follow Up For More Wormhole Technobabble

Gretchen Wright gretchen.wright at rcn.com
Sat Jan 1 23:16:37 GMT 2011

I wrote:
Come to think of it, we could get a fairly accurate estimate of
(which presumably is the second-closest habitable planet to Earth) from
looking at the description of the travels of Chalmys (sp) in _DD_. It took
him most of a lifetime to go there and back at sub-light speed. I am too
lazy to work out the details right now but that's where I'd look....

Following up:

Here is the info on the transit between Earth and Beta (before wormhole
technology was invented). _Dreamweaver's Dilemma_ p. 75.

Chalmys DuBauer [... had] spent some twenty-five subjective years
serving aboard the early atomic ram ships traveling near the speed
of light to and from Earth's only successful pre-wormhole colony.
This translated into almost one-hundred-sixty objective years on
Earth and Beta Colony...

I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that there aren't enough known parameters
here to compute the distance ... we lack a definition of what speed "near 
speed of light" represents, and we lack knowledge of what the acceleration

Later on it does say that he was drafted to lead an expedition from Beta 
to Earth after "the news, twenty-four light years old, of the great war." 
Now this
is subject to interpretation, since a light-year after all is not a unit of 
time, but the
interpretation that occurs to me is that the news was transmitted by radio 
took 24 years to arrive, hence a distance of 24 light-years. Anyone have a
different interpretation, or know if there is other textev or authorial 
about this? I think there is a section on this topic that appears in one of 
author interviews in the _DD_ collection, so I'll try to check that later.


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