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Sun Jan 2 00:46:39 GMT 2011

Some snips
> From: "Carol Cooper" carolcooper at shaw.ca

@twobikes wrote
> > We watched the Fellowship of the Ring movie tonight
> > (And I still find Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen wrong for their
> > characters. But Ian McKellen and Sean Bean (and Christopher Lee and Hugo
> > Weaving and Cate Blanchett) are brilliant, and Sean Astin is sweet.
> > Obviously YMMV.)
> > 
> Totally agree about Elijah Wood, although I liked Viggo Mortensen better
> than I expected.
> Carol

I loved it all - I rarely like the book AND the movie, but those movies were
a rattling good time. And, I hate to say it, but I adored Viggo Mortensen. I 
hadn't noticed him before, and when I watched him in a few other things he
was a rather uninspiring blonde. But with long dark hair, and looking a bit
grubby and rough around the edges.... ohhh yes.  
Ok, that's a personal thing. But I thought he did a good job of the part, it's
a difficult one to play, you have to show the power of the character and not
let him seem wimpy for avoiding his destined role, but not so strong that he
overpowers the rest of them, or makes the victory seem too easy.
Elijah Wood, I thought, also did a good job. Again, it's a difficult role, and he
does have those big puppy eyes, but he was ok. Whatshisname who played
Sam was brilliant, which helped. (Sam, his loyal armsman....?)
And it was a strong cast all round. Isn't Hugo Weaving amazing? I've never
seen him do a bad job. I saw him years ago on stage in Midsummer Night's
Dream - he was incredible.
Ohhhh lord, now I'll have to dig out the DVD's and watch them all again....
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