[LMB] Perform or else - was Sane Yuri's Tragic Heir

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 2 05:37:31 GMT 2011

> From: "Judy R. Johnson" jrj at fidalgo.net

> On this occasion, I've finally remembered that I wanted to comment, with
> regard to Pat's speculation about Yuri, that expensive horses, especially
> race horses meant to breed after retiring from the track, will often be
> killed for their insurance if they are not able to breed. To find out,
> sometimes they are bred just once before going into race training as a
> youngster, but even so some are unable to breed when they retire, either
> unable to perform or are infertile.

I love the way conversation roams on this board. 
This is purely glorious - Yuri as a failed stud horse. Maybe there was 
another reason why he went loopy....
I'm thinking a lot about Yuri's heirs. If he didn't have a son, Xav and his son
would have been recognised as his heirs. Yuri was Dorca's son, I can't
imagine Dorca not ensuring the dynasty. Yuri must have been married, and
had sons. Even grandsons. Now, this makes sense - when he lost his marbles
Yuri had his own sons and grandsons killed, as well as the rest of his family.

If he'd done that, then that civil war becomes more than a family disagreement.
It's an attack on the Imperium. An emperor getting rid of some family members
is his business, and the treason story could have covered a lot of it - Xav had
married an offworlder, that'd be against him for a start. Even getting rid of the 
children - well, it could be an accident, an overeager subordinate, or just par
for the course in Imperial politics. Family business.
Piotr and Xav fighting Yuri and putting Ezar on the throne is sheer treason, 
no matter what he did. But if Yuri had killed the heirs to the throne, it becomes 
everyone's business. 
Yes, there's a whole missing family in there somewhere.

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