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okay no sniffling IF list traffic picks up.

Ivan (For the Vor?)
Illyan (For Impsec?)
Koudelka of course (for Escobar?)
Duv Galeni for Komarr
Admiral Jole for Sergyar
And one other. (Miles, for the family?)

speculative royce (who is feeling MUCH better now)

On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 5:59 PM, Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Please don't sniffle, I'll sniffle too, then there'd be a shortage of 
> hankies. How about this _Cryoburn_ question? Gregor surprised people 
> at the funeral by serving as a pallbearer,  Whom did he replace?  Who 
> would have been there if he hadn't stepped forward?

NEW from JRJ> Miles is too short; wouldn't it have been all lopsided?  Guess
they could have used the equivalent of phonebooks.

Duv - much too political (Butcher of Komar...)

Why would Koudelka be for Escobar?  Not arguing, but can't think why.

Ivan maybe, as close kin.

I'd go for Illyan or Miles.  But Miles was giving the speech.  And - not
certain - don't think next of kin generally are pallbearers.  Might have
changed, of course.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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