[LMB] Cryoburn question (was Boooooooring)

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 3 04:54:43 GMT 2011

> From: Marian Lesslie marianlesslie at gmail.com

> By the by, was anyone else pleased to see that the good-looking Lieutenant
> Jole from _The Vor Game_ is now an Admiral? (I was thinking it was
> excessively fast promotion, considering Miles and Ivan only got to be
> Captains, but I guess there's the extra 9 years of extreme fast-tracking
> since _Memory_) ((Unless he's actually a Jolian relative...)
> Marian
> (who is currently trying to point out to her cat that he is not see-through
> and would he please get out from in front of the computer and get off the
> desk)

First, just move the computer. It's easier than moving the cat.
As for Jole - it was nice to see he's still around, he's yet another of the 
people the Vorkosigans are good at choosing, obviously.
If he got a promotion for Vervain, which is quite likely, he'd be a captain
at that point. Nine years to admiral is still fast, but it's possible, especially
on Barrayar. If Jole was Sergyaran, and Aral appointed him in charge of
planetary defence, he'd move up the promotion ladder quickly.

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