[LMB] recovery time!

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Mon Jan 3 09:32:02 GMT 2011

No side effects noted yet. Was given light sedation by a really nice anesthesiologist who not only numbed the spot first, but used a pediatric IV for me. I have small slippery veins, but I do manage to give blood. He works primarily with kids--and kids with cancers--and I gather more than the two smalls I saw there that morning were going to be there. Don't know what else might have been added at the end to the IV beside something for pain and nausea. It was a very nice outpatient surgery facility, and the operating room had two walls of frosted glass, with a "clerestory" of plain glass above it, for natural light to come in. Nice staff, too.

I was directed to take 400 mg of ibuprofen and a fiorinal once home, which, with the remainder of whatever in my system, put me right to sleep for several hours. I can't handle codeine/vicodin, darvon is off the market in the last month, and the only other thing he could offer for moderate pain, tramadol, interacts very badly with my effexor. He asked what I took for migraines, and said that would do just fine.

I am having small meals because I told my endo/diabetes doc that I would cut my intake in half to avoid messing my glucose or adding pounds I can never seem to remove. I have roasted nori (the sushi kind of seaweed) for snacking. I am trying to make sure I get enough fiber, as I'm not getting any real exercise, so I'm eating grains and vegetation more than "soft foods".

Getting out of a too-soft rented bed is very awkward and looks ridiculous. Alas,, the room cannot be reorganized to suit my need to get out first on my LEFT leg, and then to get the right one on the kneelie-wheelie. I can go forward to the loo, but not turn around there, so awkward reversing is necessary until I get to clear space where I can pivot the front 180 degrees. I have two OTT lights (fullspectrum) to either side of me, one on the hearth, and the other on a small table. Being completely unable to hold a laptop on my lap and actually type, I have a lapdesk on top of a pillow laying on my belly. I can't *quite* sit completely upright on this bed.


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