[LMB] if I saw a snake in the wild

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 3 17:28:03 GMT 2011

> From: Royce McDaniels roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com

> *I'm* still working on the idea of people with SNAKES in their DAYAM WALLS.
> Up until that, Jill and I had you on our list of "must visit" listees. Not
> any MORE....
> shuddering royce (who is glaring suspiciously at his room's air vent,
> thinking he HEARD something back in there...)

Ok, think positive.
1) It's not a brown snake. (They're REALLY deadly, and aggressive.)
2) It's timid, so unless cornered it won't attack.
3) Even if it does bite, it's not that deadly. Stacks of time to get to hospital.
4) It's in the walls, not the house itself.
5) There's no problems with birds or mice in the roof.
6) It's not a brown snake. (This is worth saying twice.)
See? There's always a bright side.
Gwynne (being reassuring) 		 	   		  

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