[LMB] if I saw a snake in the wild

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 3 18:06:01 GMT 2011

> From: JenL jenl1625 at gmail.com

> Is a (non-venomous) snake in the wall *really* worse than a family of mice?
> jen

Uh... red-bellied black snakes are venomous. Deadly. But it's a fairly
slow poison, you have roughly half an hour to get to a hospital.

Brown snakes, now, are also common around here, and they're in
the top two or three, very dangerous and aggressive.  Nasty sods.

Besides, black snakes eat brown snake eggs, and keep their numbers
down, so they're the GOOD ones.
Apparently most of the world divides things into deadly and non-deadly.
We just grade them as to how fast they're deadly.
Gwynne (who has no mice problems) 		 	   		  

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