[LMB] BD - Barrayar's class system [was: A Civil Campaign II (dedication)]

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Mon Jan 3 18:17:47 GMT 2011

--- On Tue, 9/14/10, John Lennard <john.c.lennard at gmail.com> wrote:

> - mainly because we don't know because Lois didn't make it
> all up yet, and
> it doesn't correspond exactly to any historical situation.

Yup. Exactly. It's evocative, but it's a different series of events.

> Working the Russian analogy, I sometimes think it's as if on Barrayar a
> totalitarian communist period (Grishnov and his GRU-style commissars)
> somehow happened *during* the imperial Romanov period, rather than
> ending/succeeding it, 

As I see it: we have an imperial Romanov-style Russian at a point of crisis and the Grishnov-GRU cadre are taking advantage of this to gain power. But Ezar is wily and manages to cut them all off at the knees, with help from Aral - turning the tide of history, as it were.  So the GRU never prospers, and a new Romanov-style dynasty continues, adapting itself to a changing world - more like the situation of the British monarchs than the Russian. (The bit of token head-chopping that came before was more cathartic than revolutionary.)

> I rather think there's a complex pyramid, containing both Vor and
> non-Vor hierarchies. 

As we see.  In fact, as with just about any civilization, it's more complex than our attempts to analyze it can account for - especially since we only see the bits that Lois has chosen to picture for us.


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