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 > > Dorca Vorbarra (emperor) had at least two sons, the younger of 
which was named Xav.
 > Wasn't Xav actually older than Yuri, and from a different mother, to
 > whom Dorca was not married when Xav was born? E.g. Yuri was Dorca's
 > oldest *legitimate* son.
 > (Yuri's mother was a Vorrutyer, and Yuri's full sister was Prince
 > Serg's mother/Gregor's grandmother. I don't think Xav's mother was a
 > Vorrutyer.)
 >  Ann

I knew they were half-brothers, but I thought Xav was younger. And
legitimate - how could he have the title, or Vorbarra surname, if he
  wasn't? Given the Barrayaran attitude to illegitimacy.


Xav was Yuri's younger half-brother (no, I have never worked out how 
much younger) who was not legitimate, but rather, legitimated, when, 
however long after Yuri's mother died, Dorca married Xav's mom.  
Barrayaran law may not necessarily match the British model on this 
point.  I don't know if Xav had any full sibs at any point; possibly 
sisters, as any surviving brothers or their offspring would have 
troubled the dynastic calculations before this.  (Or they could have 
been more of Yuri's victims.)

Yuri may well have had children at some point, but they did not survive 
the Cetagandans and other hazards of their era.  His main (or at least, 
most noted) activity during the occupation was the more brutal sort of 
guerrilla warfare, but doubtless not continuously.  He was childless by 
the start of Mad Yuri's War, anyway.

Ezar's wife was a full, much younger sister of Yuri; she and Yuri shared 
the Vorrutyer mother.  (Who could well have died in childbirth with that 
sister; not set.)  Ezar's was an arranged dynastic marriage that was 
patched together during or just after the time Yuri was overthrown, so 
she was presumably not young, and they only ever had the one child, 
Serg.  I'd have to sit down and work out a bunch of generational timing 
stuff to decide how closely Dorca's original empress was related to 
Pierre le Sanguinaire, whether she was a sister to Piotr's mother (who 
was Bloody Pierre's eldest child) or some other close relative.

It is through Piotr's mother that Aral and Ges trace their cousinship, 
of whatever degree.  Or at least, their closest cousinship.

Somebody was asking about the later Vorrutyer family tree.   Iirc, it 
was Bloody Pierre's countly son (or possibly grandson) who had the five 
siblings we later encounter; in order of age, the Heir, Ges, Aral's 
unnamed wife, Richar's father, and By's father.  The heir was in turn 
the father of the later Count Pierre and his sister Donna.

Ges and his sister died without issue, I don't know if Richars has any 
younger sisters but it seems possible, and By has one younger sister.

Ta, L.

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