[LMB] if I saw a snake in the wild

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 3 18:48:27 GMT 2011

Gwynne Powell wrote
> Brown snakes, now, are also common around here, and they're in
> the top two or three, very dangerous and aggressive.  Nasty sods.
> Besides, black snakes eat brown snake eggs, and keep their numbers
> down, so they're the GOOD ones.
> Apparently most of the world divides things into deadly and non-deadly.
> We just grade them as to how fast they're deadly.
> Gwynne (who has no mice problems)

Erm, neither do I, Gwynne - but I think I'll take Prudence my cat over your
red-bellied black snake as a pest control officer.  Just saying.


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