[LMB] being scared, was OT: Australia (was Take Care)

Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Mon Jan 3 20:36:21 GMT 2011

Katherine wrote:

> Remember that discussion of why would people like four 
> seasons, in particular winter?  This.
> No flies, no yellowjackets, no outdoor insects at all, and 
> because of the freezing outdoors in the winter, no 
> cockroaches or termites or other such creatures in the house, 
> either.  

On the other hand, the stink bugs seem to have moved in en masse.  I
stayed with my sister in southern Pennsylvania (near Gettysburg) and we
killed at least 10 a day inside the house.

Alison Hendon

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