[LMB] Boooooooring

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Dear esteemed colleagues,

It seems that the local government is under-represented in this list of
pallbearers. Someone like the PM or the minster of the interior (home
secretary) or a local Vorkosigan county representative would in that spot,
representing either the Imperial government or his local government.

Ivan was for the family, Illyan and Kou were close friends and supporters,
and Galeni and Jole for the other planets.  It seems like a purely
Barrayaran or Vorkosigan member would be appropriate in the last spot.

In this case, I am even more surprised about the number of pallbearers.
With such an important personage, I was expecting to see eight rather than
six of them.

Best regards,

George Vaughan

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Please don't sniffle, I'll sniffle too, then there'd be a shortage of
hankies. How about this _Cryoburn_ question? Gregor surprised people at the
funeral by serving as a pallbearer,  Whom did he replace?  Who would have
been there if he hadn't stepped forward?

> my word list traffic is down today. I'm in danger of having LMB
> people!
> begging royce (adorable puppy eyes....)
> -- 

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