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> and Bel's propositioning of Miles mostly to see Miles get
> the hives.... 

--- On Mon, 1/3/11, Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com> wrote:
> You think so?  I thought Bel had a huge crush on Miles and really, really hoped to be
> able to talk him round.  Why do you think Bel was teasing, and not serious?

I always thought it started out serious (Bel's crush was pretty obvious, yes) but as time went on, Bel realised that a) Miles' view of himself required him to be utterly hetero (I'm sorry if this seems prejudiced to all the non-strictly-hetero people on the list, but IMHO you would have to have an ENORMOUS amount of self-confidence to declare, in a *murderously* normative society [cf. Raina, Kou] that you weren't just physically different but also sexually different, and Miles doesn't have that.  Chutpah, yes, but not self-confidence); and b) Miles was looking for the long times as well as the good times.  So, in my perception, Bel's flirting lightened up over time and towards the end it *was* teasing, because Bel recognised that the invitation would never be followed up.  Indications are that the crush lightened over time too (thank goodness; unreturned crushes are agonising).


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