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Entwife Judy> and you mean if Gregor had brought
> Cavilo back to Barrayar with the intention of marrying her, I find a 
> dissonance.  He saw through her, that she "wasn't real."  That rings 
> true to me.

Elizabeth Holden >I was picturing some plotline where she comes back to
Barrayar with some scheme in mind - claiming Gregor as the father of her
child, perhaps?  And Alys exposing her lies and giving her no room to

Entwife Judy > And if Cavilo were handicapped by
> having to pretend to be a sane and functional member of normal 
> society, then Lady Alys would have a chance.

Elizabeth Holden >You think she wouldn't have a chance anyway?  Alys would
see through her lies without pausing for breath.  And she has the weight of
Barrayaran respect behind her.

Entwife Judy > In fact, we would be witnessing a duel of wits between female

> superheroes - -  The Aristocratic Hostess vs. the Sociopath.

Elizabeth Holden >Pretty much.

Entwife Judy > All our favorite worldbuilding and entrancing cast of
characters, but 
> no niggling plot conformity to textev required.

Elizabeth Holden >I like it.

NEW from JRJ> Well, about Alys seeing through Cavilo, yes, but if Gregor
were silent I don't know how far Alys' insight would take her.  "Fine woman,
and did a good job on the wedding, but irrational about her son, for
instance.  Probably wants That-Idiot-Ivan on the Imperial Throne.  Wouldn't
pay much attention to her," says one Old Vor to another Old Bore.  An Ilyan
no longer has much influence.

The Auditors, however.  But they audit the Counts, so how popular can they
be?  "That Mutie Count?  Don't trust him."  And - assuming Miles were also
out of the picture somehow, and he the only other who absolutely knows what
Cavilo is...

So Alys wouldn't have a slam-dunk.  Seeing the truth is one thing; getting
the power structure to act on it is another.  Scope for a plot.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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