[LMB] Textev For The Length Of The Wormhole Route from Earth To Tau Ceti!!!!

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On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 7:53 PM, Royce McDaniels
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> from DI: "They were three jumps out from Solar space, in the deep
> interstellar on a sub-light-speed run between wormholes expected to take
> four full days. En route to Tau Ceti".
> So the implication is four jumps between sol and tau ceti through buffer
> systems at least. Note that the link from three to four takes four full days
> of sublight travel. Assume .1 C for speed, this gives approximately 6
> billion miles of travel. so those two wormholes probably are opposite each
> other in the system's Oort cloud.
> Gee this is fun!
> Stellar Cartographic Detective royce

Visible on the travel time map, if you'll look. Note the fast courier
one-way trip to Tau Ceti is short (5 days, IIRC), so that transit must
be unusually long and a large chunk of the route. Miles and Ekaterin's
ship is probably slower than a fast courier in this instance.

1 day of fast courier travel per system transit -on average- (Barrayar
to Komarr - 5 wormholes, 5 days) seems likely. With a fair bit of

You shouldn't assume a constant speed - Nexus ships do more or less
constant acceleration. There's some online calculators out there that
should help you figure it, though.


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