[LMB] Notes on Galactic Sectors in Vorkosiverse

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Tue Jan 4 04:21:39 GMT 2011

I did try a whole Nexus map once. Obviously, mostly made up. There are
some not-necessarily canonical assumptions built in, and it needs a
reshuffle post-Cryoburn, but it's color-coded by Sector.


The sectors just seem to be how Barrayar divides up the Nexus for the
purpose of spying/etc. Probably a Barrayar-centric division. There's
no evidence so far that the sectors have deeper meaning than that.

On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 7:58 PM, Royce McDaniels
<roycemcdaniels158 at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Lt. aboard the Kestrel, which apparently was stationed in the Solar/Tau
> Cetan area of space, had "Sector IV pins on his collar". The Graf station
> system was listed as being "on the edge of Sector V". I'm suspecting Sector
> numbers may relate to areas of exploration, perhaps centered on Beta or Tau
> Ceti as Sector One, Escobar as Sector Two, Barrayar and such as Sector
> Three, then back to Earth as Sector Four and Graf station as Sector Five.
> hrm. thoughts, list?
> Looking up wormhole jumps in habhyg royce

Earth is Sector II. Galeni reports to Tau Ceti.


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