[LMB] More on Wormhole Nexus Travel Times

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On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 8:15 PM, Royce McDaniels
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> from DI: " It would be six more weeks, give or take a few days, to the
> scheduled births. Their original travel plan would have put them back at
> Vorkosigan House a comfortable month early. Sector V was in the opposite
> direction from their present location to Barrayar, insofar as the network of
> jump points people navigated to get from *here* to *there* could be said to
> have a direction. Several days to get from here to Graf Station, plus an
> extra two weeks of travel at least to get home from there, even in the
> fastest of fast couriers."
> so, as I noted Sector V is opposite from Sector III (if that's what Barrayar
> is in). Two weeks from Graf Station to Barrayar by fastest route available.
> "Several days" from current position to Graf Station. Now this indiates that
> they won't follow the course to the Tau Ceti wormhole but use another,
> closer one that gets them out to Graf Station more quickly.
> gahh! This is going to get ugly, I just know it is...
> Determined to get it right royce

I'd assume, since this is Barrayaran terminology, that Sector I is
Barrayar/Komarr/Sergyar/maybe the Hegen Hub. Or perhaps that's Sector
0 and the Cetagandan Empire is Sector I

The Graf routes are fun, because Graf Station apparently gained a
route that branches off Earth/Tau Ceti between Labyrinth and
Diplomatic Immunity. The nexus changes over time as new routes get
discovered. It may change a lot.

If wormholes orbit (independently), travel time might vary greatly
even on the same route.


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