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> I like Pym too. He's a lovely person. Of course, he would be, given the
position he has achieved in Aral's household.
> That's the kind of thing, I think, that means an armsman has to have
really good judgement on the matter. If he fouls up, he is disgraced - or
perhaps gets his Vor lord killed.
> Pym is physically and mentally healthy - and able to give Miles good
advice. I can't imagine Miles having the conversations with Bothari that he
has with Pym, if Bothari had lived another ten years. Anybody know how old
Bothari was when he died? 
> I'd like an armsman, no question. Wish I could afford one. Too bad I'm not
a Vor Lord. 
> elizabeth
> (and in case you think I'm being classist, I wouldn't mind being one, 
> either)

Gynne> snip  
Armsmen have to do and be so many things, it's no wonder they get respect.
Especially the Vorbarra and Vorkosigan armsmen, who have such interesting
people to guard.

And Dono's armsmen, who basically chose the next Count and helped the whole
process along. 
Yes, I love the armsman idea. Wish I had one too.
NEW from JRJ>  Robots sure couldn't substitute for all yon.

The Heechee books, where there was an Albert Einstein persona, was great
tho.  And I keep remembering some of Harry Harrison's characters interacting
with robots - "You, there, short and chunky.  What kind of storage do you
have?"  And the thing exploded with drawers...

The thing is, tho, that we haven't yet seen a bad armsman (have we?).  How
did a Count deal with them if they were?

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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