[LMB] if I saw a snake in the wild

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Tue Jan 4 05:10:23 GMT 2011

At 03:06 PM 1/4/2011, Royce McDaniels wrote:
>what are you, delta force or something? gross! (i've heard they're best with
>chili sauce, btw...)
> > Eat the evidence: while most are venomous, few are poisonous.
> >

No, but way back when the list did a "What jobs/skills do you have?" 
list, bush survival was listed as one of the things I have taught.

Gut and skin them, cut the head off (after, it is useful for the 
skinning process) then either chop and fry in butter/ghee after 
rolling in seasoned flouring, or, if you have time, put in a camp 
oven (Cast iron casserole) on hot coal with onions and a can of 
tomatoes for several hours to eat with damper 
(Campfire/bushman/drovers bread). Taste is light and can be tough 
unless you cook it long and slow. Very low fat, it tastes like Crocodile.

Australia has wonderful native bush foods, despite its arid nature: 
Just don't try to eat the Koalas (eucalyptus oil in the flesh: Yuck), 
or cuddle the platypus.


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