[LMB] (was) Dono - (Now) Is Barrayaran homosexuality a MUTATION?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 4 11:54:42 GMT 2011

> From: rowena alberga wijsgerig at gmail.com

> Shouldn't we specify what we mean with a "low sex drive". Do you have a low
> sex-drive if you are satisfied with 1 or 2 sexpartners in your life, having
> sex a few times a month or something like that. (Something that is often
> seen as normal and default) or do you mean with low sex drive "hardly any
> desire for sex, not approaching male or female people as potential
> sexpartners, not interested in erotica let alone porn, no inclination to
> form physical attachments with people."
> For if you mean something like that I am quite sure that is not the norm in
> our current society. (I remembering mentioning once (on-line) that when I
> was depressed I couldn't handle any physical contact, not even a hug and
> several people told me I must have been abused in my childhood. Apart from
> the totally irresponsibillity of making such a statement without knowing the
> background of someone, it does suggest to me strongly that there is this
> idea that when you do not want physical contact (either temporarily or more
> consistently) this must be an abberation caused by something.)
> Rowena

These are good questions, and I think it'd be helpful to define terms.
I was interpreting it to mean people who don't seek partners, who don't 
engage much with erotica in any form.
And in our society, these days, I don't see that as the norm at all. There's
massive pressure in the media to sexualise children from a very young age,
and the common assumption is usually that most of the population, whether
in a relationship or not, are actively seeking or engaged in some form of 
sexual or erotic activity on a regular and fairly frequent basis.
TV, movies, songs, advertising - the bulk of it is based on the assumption
of sexual interest and desire.
It can be really irritating when you're in a dry spell. There are times when 
people don't spend every waking moment thinking about sex, participating
in sex, planning for more participation in same, etc. And I think it's 
perfectly normal to be whatever level you are, and if you want to have an 
active sex life and can find a partner who's at your level or close to it, you're
 fortunate indeed. And if you don't want a partner, that's fine too (and more
We also go through stages in our lives, sometimes the thermostat is turned
down low, at other times it's way high. And for women that can often happen
in the same day. Several times.
I think society does encourage sexual activity, since after all if nobody is
doing it, there won't be a next generation.

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