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Tue Jan 4 13:30:11 GMT 2011

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> On 1/4/2011 1:04 AM, Royce McDaniels wrote:
> > jill has relented and agreed we'll drop by late this year as part of my
> > round the world trip to celebrate getting out of the hospital (and
> > surviving...). I intend to make it an LMB trip, meeting listees in every
> > country I can and (if my plans mature) hiring quite a few of them for a new
> > startup a friend and I are forming which needs oodles of talent and the list
> > has lots of it.

> I would love to see a return to train and ship travel ... I loved 
> traveling back and forth between Norfolk VA and CT on train. Of course 
> both ends I started at a fair distance from NY and DC so I actually 
> managed to pick a comfy seat out and not be shoved in a corner by crowds 
> =) I would love to have done the old Orient Express - sleeper 
> compartment, dining car and all [though I would have been inclined to 
> take along some sort of food for when I got the munchies and the dining 
> car wasn't available.

Can I suggest the Ghan? It's the train that goes through the centre of Australia,
north/south. It's the most amazing trip. For the movement-impaired there's a
sort of portable lift (elevator) that can raise a wheelchair or a person who can't
manage the steps.
Now, if you want a really good trip, there is ONE special double cabin on each
train. Most twin cabins are two bunks one above the other. But there's just one
cabin with a double bed. It also has a lot more room than other cabins - a fridge,
TV, sitting area, tiny bathroom. 
And it's a fantastic trip, Darwin - Adelaide, or vice versa. Seeing the changes
in the desert is just fascinating.
One of the great train trips.

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