[LMB] OT: Odorific, was A Civil Campaign

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>> On Jan 4, 2011, at 8:59 AM, Howard Brazee wrote:
>>> We've had societies where the shower wasn't mandatory, so I assume
>>> that when everybody stinks, people get used to it.
>> In Medieval Europe and the end of the Roman Empire, bathing was
>> considered bad form if not heretical.

this is a VERY wide generalisation - both in time and in space .. 
there have been periods in medieval and rennaisance times when bathing 
was considered standard - in fact was as important as in roman times 
.. with lots of bath houses in the towns ..



>> The Christians closed the baths
>> in Rome. You can imagine the effect of that on public life.
> People accustomed to odors don't notice them (pig farmers, for example)

Markus Baur

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