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Royce McDaniels wrote:
> no but we'd love to hear it.

ok .. its a just cute little childs joke .. and originally its in 
german - where a "bat" is a "Fledermaus" - quite literally a "flying 

a mouse mother and mouse child scryy through the woods in the night - 
suddenly the mouse child hears somethnig, stops and looks up, seeing a 
bat fluttering by ..

"look, Ma, LOOK!!!! ... an angel!!!"

 > i was staying with my dad and mom (only child) in a cabin in 
> National Park in the US back in the 1960's when my mom asked why our cabin
> had a fire sprinkler head in the corner when none of the other cabins she'd
> seen did. My dad frowned and said, "these cabins don't HAVE fire sprinklers,
> they're too old for that." He went over to examine said fire sprinkler head,
> clinging grey and sliently to the ceiling.
> It promptly spread its little bat wings and flew around the room, squeaking
> loudly. It flew right up into my face and I got a good look at all those
> lovely (if ugly) echolocation sound chambers in its furry little face. It
> said to me, bat-telepathically, "GOD You're ugly! I'm outta here!" and
> headed for the door.
> Meanwhile my mom had fled screaming into the night and my dad, worried about
> bears and snakes, had followed her equally frantically trying to get her to
> calm down. The bat went out the door and I went out to tell them everything
> was okay.
> Mom ran back into the cabin, still screaming, with my dad in hot pursuit.
> The door slammed behind them. and locked.
> The bat suddenly flew into my face again and telepathically asked "You got
> any nice bugs for me to eat? I'm really hungry?" I signalled I was fresh out
> of tasty bugs and it left annoyedly, but only after buzzing my head a few
> dozen times to convey its annoyance at my lack of foresight in carrying
> proper bat-feeding supplies. My frantic banging on the door prompted replies
> of "We're not opening this door until that bat is GONE!"
> It was just a little fruit bat and none of us were in any danger. But the
> keystone cops aspect of the whole thing still had us laughing decades later.

LOL ...

> The night of the scorpions, OTOH, was deadly danger! But that's another
> story...

do tell ..



> telling stories to ignore his dressing change royce
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>> did i ever tell my favorite bat joke on this list .. ?

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