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oh well, since you INSIST.... :)

I went down the pan american highway with my dad's sisters and one of their
daughters to visit a family member who lived in nicaragua (permanent
diplomatic staff there.) The trip went from Dallas, Texas to Managua,
Nicaragua in summer of 1970 before I went off to college. Most of the trip
was fun (things were safe then for civilian travel down the PAH and mexico's
drug woes had not yet begun) but when we reached the southern end of Mexico
we experienced increasingly strong earthquakes. In our stop in the town of
Pijijiapan near the border with Guatemala, our motel's power was out and the
owner explained that we must use the big flashlight he provided us to watch
the ceiling vents all night because the jungle insects would come inside
since there was no light to frighten them away as was normal. He also gave
me a broom (men's work, this!) to knock the insects to the ground so they
would scuttle out the door (which I was to leave open enough for said
scuttling) without biting anyone.

The girls crawled into their beds and lay there,shaking and fully clothed
(they wanted to stay in the car but it was just too hot with the windows
rolled up) while I played the flashlight around all night. We had about
thirty nocturnal visitors, evenly split between big furry purple and green
spiders about the size of a dinner plate with legs fully extended, large
black scorpions about six inches long which chased the spiders, and small
green scorpions (an inch long) which chased both spiders and bigger
scorpions. I kept knocking them down before they could get killed and eaten
pr kill and eat and the scorpions got really testy about that but i broomed
them too, ignoring their telepathic threats of horrible lingering death.
They all ran back outside promptly when the flashlight hit them anyhoodle.
None got near the beds (all huddled together in the back of the room) but
the screams every time a new wave of buggies arrived didn't help my nerves

we eventually got through that horrible night and made it into our car. As
we were getting ready to leave the motel owner came by to collect his
flashlight and broom and asked what we'd seen. When we told him of the green
spiders he smiled. "innocente" he said, meaning harmless. We told of the big
black scorpions, and he nodded. "pequeno malo" he explained, and indicated a
bite like a wasp sting. Then we mentioned the little green scorpions and he
went white as a ghost, frantically asking if they had stung us. we assured
him not, and he said "Mato! Mato!" meaning if they stung you, you died
slowly and terribly. so the little buggers weren't exaggerating with their
mental threats but evolution (opposable thumbs and treachery) carried the
day anyhoodle. heh.

I slept all that day while the ladies drove, and they treated me to a meal
like a king that night by way of thanks. But still, all in all, it was an
honor i'd have been happy to forgo.

(whew! dressings all changed now) royce

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>  The night of the scorpions, OTOH, was deadly danger! But that's another
>> story...
> do tell ..
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