[LMB] OT: listees that are CONCOM members or staff

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Tue Jan 4 16:47:19 GMT 2011

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 11:38 AM, MICHAEL PELL <A8825 at lapd.lacity.org> wrote:
> While reading posts re 5-2-1 rule, I started wondering how many of us have or are serving
> on concmoms or working as staff. I started out as a door dragon and have worked in
> green room. consuite, office, and information. I have also spent some time in programming
> ops and catching for the masquerade. I bet the list could form a very talented concom.
> --

While I am a "general staff member" of Arisia, which means I pinch hit
on various tasks that are too sensitive for ordinary volunteers (e.g.
working with hotel databases) ... my primary function is to share my
husband with the con.  He doesn't have an outside job, and Arisia is
more or less his full-time (and more) occupation.  This year he is
hotel division head (in a new hotel), and corporate treasurer, and I
like to say his real title is "Assistant ConChair for Meddling"
because he really does do everything, whether asked to or not.  E.g.
this year he's done a lot of website work, moderated some pretty
gnarly staff disputes, and generally been available for questions etc.
except when he's asleep.

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