[LMB] Thinking of England (was) Dono - (Now) Is Barrayaran homosexuality a 'MUTATION'?

kerry weisselberg kerilli at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 19:52:35 GMT 2011

John Lennard wrote:
For the squeamish, TMI warning ...

Corseting, at its height from c.1840-90, could reduce an adult woman's  
to 14 inches. Among other effects, the forced depression of the uterus
greatly increases the cervical angle, which in turn makes the vaginal
expansion normal during intercourse difficult and increases the  
chances of
painful contact between the glans penis and the cervix -- a problem  
(but no more) by minimising movement. Still worse, corseting also causes
considerable pelvic muscular atrophy and thus greatly increases  
mortality -- as stats show, for the relevant C19 mortality rates for
middle-class women (far more likely to be corseted and with access to
medical care) are usually -higher- by some way than those for working- 
women (sans corsets and usually sans care). (Lung capacity was also  
by up to one third, which does a lot to explain such phenomena as the
frequency of women fainting.
Forgive my ignorance, please, but are you saying that those poor women  
wore their corsets in bed? (by which I mean, for sleeping and for  
sex.) I've seen so many films where they're being laced into them as  
they dress in the morning, or before dinner, that I believed they wore  
them only during the daytime, not for sleeping. I guess though that if  
you want a 14" waist that a man can get his hands around, the  
suffering has to be pretty-much constant...

off to look for more pictures of Skittles, with even more horror- 
tinged respect.

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