[LMB] OT: listees that are CONCOM members or staff

Jane Starr jane at starchak.ca
Tue Jan 4 20:14:15 GMT 2011

Quoting MICHAEL PELL <A8825 at lapd.lacity.org>:
> While reading posts re 5-2-1 rule, I started wondering how many of   
> us have or are serving
> on concmoms or working as staff. I started out as a door dragon and   
> have worked in
> green room. consuite, office, and information. I have also spent   
> some time in programming
> ops and catching for the masquerade. I bet the list could form a   
> very talented concom.

I ran the Noncon art shows for a few years in the 80s and chaired  
Noncon 10. I was supposed to volunteer at ConText '89 but my older son  
decided to arrive 4 weeks early so I had to back out. I did show up  
for some of the con, baby in tow. The second ConText (92? 93?) I was  
back to running art show & auction - that was the one where I had to  
spend my tax refund to pay the GST on Kelly Freas' art when he came  
through Canada Customs and it took 6 months to get it back after he  
left the country. He was a real sweetheart about it, because it meant  
he couldn't sell anything or the paperwork would have been horrendous.

Since '92 I have merely attended the odd con, and last fall at  
PureSpeculation I was the moderator of what turned out to be a lively,  
intelligent and amusing discussion of the current vogue for mashing up  
classic literature and horror/fantasy/sf tropes.

I don't think I'd want to chair again, and I think I've done enough  
art shows/auctions for a lifetime. So far I've managed to keep saying  
no to the PureSpec people. However, a concom with an LMB team?  If I  
was needed, I could probably be persuaded :)


Jane Starr

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