[LMB] OT: dealing with pain

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 5 00:01:19 GMT 2011

On 1/4/2011 4:27 PM, Royce McDaniels wrote:
> set another plate. Hospital be dayamed, i HAVE to attend this sucker.
> drooling royce
> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 1:12 PM, mtraber251<mtraber251 at earthlink.net>  wrote:
>> Tomatoes stuffed with gherkensalat [i know, German, so kill me]
>> Assorted raw veggies with hummus and blue cheese dressing as dip options
>> hot spinach/artichoke dip with bagel crisps, melba toast rounds and wasa
>> crisp breads
>> cornichons, bread and butter pickles and garlic dill pickles
>> pickled watermelon rind, and pickled apple rings [they are cinnamon and
>> brandy not vinegar]
>> baps [soft rolls] and cheddar bay biscuits [like red lobster makes]
>> sesame honey butter, plain butter, garlic herbed cheese
>> Roasted turkey
>> dressing of sourdough bread made outside the bird
>> cider glazed picnic ham
>> turkey gravy, and a cider based sauce
>> cranberry relish and cranberry jelly [canned]
>> mashed potatoes
>> orange glazed carrot discs
>> garlic stirfried green beans
>> pumpkin pie
>> apple pie
>> bread pudding
>> assorted beverages
>> served buffet style, turkey and ham carved in kitchen and presented on
>> platters on the buffet. I hate 'display carving', it sucks when all you want
>> to do is eat =)
I would love to, unfortunately it is a mental feast only, unless I 
either get a seriously profitable job, or win a lottery. The imaginary 
venue for the feast is a property I spotted online, an old winery in the 
Mosel region.

Though it would be fun to do on the MV Tsarevna Olivya.

One could set the MV Princess <insert rename>  to run as a cruiser 
again, but it would really have to cater to highly specialized custom 
cruises, as I pointed out, she is dreadfully small and lacking in 
balcony staterooms for current supercruiser tastes.  Rob and I had 
discussed renting her as an underwater archeological expedition vessel - 
it seems silly for a whole group to rent a tiny boat and have to keep 
putting to shore in iffy weather, and to get supplies. A suitable sized 
cruise liner could stay on station through some fairly heavy weather, 
and hold enough supplies and bunker to stay on station at least a month 
at a time. It has 2 dining rooms, so one could be repurposed as a 
'command center' and generalized workspace, it has a small medical 
facility in case of accidents. The various bar spaces could be 
repurposed to rec rooms of varying types, make one a computer cafe for 
recreation instead of work. There would be more than enough staterooms 
for the average project crew, and as it would be for work not vacation, 
you wouldn't need anywhere as many mess or cabin stewards. A basic clean 
and change of linens once a week and make a laundry room available for 
self washing of clothing, and keep the dining room as a buffet, and just 
have servers and bussers.

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