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> > From: John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
> The whole phenomenon of corseting is deeply paradoxical, in that it
> > is unarguably connected with the intense repressiveness and extreme
> modesty
> > codes of mid-late Victorian Nonconformity (and by the 1880s the
> mainstream
> > of Victorian society), but at the same time very overtly serves to
> sexualise
> > in imposing the hourglass-figure. And such paradoxicality (with plenty of
> > hypocrisy) goes with e.g. a fact John Fowles waves around in *The French
> > Lieutenant's Woman*, that as a regnal group the Victorians both built
> more
> > churches and patronised more brothels than any other on record. He was
> more
> > interested in the fact that prostitutes were uncorseted (or if they did
> wear
> > a corset it wasn't of the tightly-laced whalebone-stiffened variety) and
> > apparently taught to simulate orgasm -- which is to say, de facto, that
> > recreational sex was, um, outsourced from the home. (Hence also the high
> > incidence of tertiary syphilis and what used to be called GPI [General
> > Paralysis of the Insane], informing the Victorian practice of taking the
> > family to the local asylum of a Sunday.) So -- while the sexualisation
> > attached, or supposedly attached, to a stick-thin waist (and cf. heroin
> > chic) was -a- factor, it's a very complicated issue.
> >
> > There might be a valid comparison of sorts with, um, hypermammarisation
> in
> > the present day.
> >
> > John Lennard, MA DPhil. (Oxon.), MA (WU)
> I think the general rule is, humans can do the most amazingly stupid things
> to stuff up the simplest and most pleasant way of doing anything.
> As well as hypermammarisation (lovely word) look at the anorexic models.
> In mens's mags, the women are all very pneumatic. Aral's 'squish
> delightfully'
> type of woman is very much on show. That, presumably, is what a fair sector
> of the male population finds attractive. Yet in women's mags, the figure
> that
> women are being told is the one they should aspire to, is the stick-thin
> anorexic shape (I read somewhere that the proportions of the ideal model
> are similar to those of an adolescent boy, which was noted as a comment on
> clothing designers and their preferences). There doesn't seem to be much
> connection between the two, you wonder sometimes how the human race
> manages to continue.
> Every age comes up with some new idiocy.
> Gwynne (depressed now)
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