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Wed Jan 5 03:55:17 GMT 2011

I see two very divergent but yet curiously interacting agendas here:

1) Sex sells. And it is totally unrelated to the quality or utility of the
product being sold. My dad had two rules about advertising: (a) the sexier
the model advertising it, the less useful/functional/needed the product was
and (b) the bigger the american flag at the car dealership, the larger the
liklihood of a lemon and/or a bad deal. I never once saw these assumptions
proved wrong. Therefore, if more and more people at a younger and younger
age are encouraged to think sex is the center of everything, the easier it
is to use sexual advertising to manipulate them.

2) Many people don't want sex, they want connection. Slash fiction is
especially interesting to me in this regard. Remember where the term came
from, in the antiquated but seminal (excuse the pun) Star Trek fanfic
community which long predates Harry Potter obsession, as fic about a
"Kirk/Spock" relationship. Now the chemistry of the three major stars on TOS
(Kirk/Spock/McCoy) is legendary, and it is no secret that the three actors
were also best friends and that undoubtedly came through the cameras via
body language and other subtle cues. Those actors and their characters WERE
connected, but by mental and emotional bonds of friendship and professional
cameraderie which can transcend many erotic relationships. But the fan
community, often composed of people who didn't have and sometimes lacked the
capacity to have such bonds wanted to participate in them. The way they
found to do that is quite Freudian but very human; they anthromorphised the
closeness of friendship into sexual closeness, which by writing about they
virtually shared in and those had a form of connection which they so
desperately wanted and needed.

now to avoid a gross overgeneralization, obviously most fan fiction and even
most slash fiction isn't of this type but springs from deeper personal and
literary wellsprings. but i suspect even those advanced efforts have some of
the former lurking in the deep background...

just my .02 freudian deutchemarks royce

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 6:35 PM, William A Wenrich <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:

> [snip of really good stuff!]

> One of the (many) things that bug me about modern (possibly just American,
> but I have no proof) culture is the ongoing assumption that all
> relationships are sexual. History, literature, and personal experience
> indicate (to me at least) that there are many very close relationships that
> are not at all sexual.
> That is probably what disturbs me so much about slash, the assumption that
> everything is sex.
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