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Jane Hotchkiss focsle1928 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 5 06:04:43 GMT 2011

> From: "Natali"
> It couldn't be Miles, not for his height (shame on you Marian) but because he 
>is the immediate family,
> and the members of the immediate family cannot traditionally be pallbearers as 

--Bo Johanson: I wondered about this comment, and I think other people have made 

BJ:similar comments about immediate family not being pallbearers.

BJ: Is this a widespread custom?

BJ: I don't think it is like that in Sweden.

BJ: I carried the coffin with my mother's father, father's mother, and father's 
stepfather, at their funerals in a rural church, where BJ: the graveyard 
surrounded the church.

BJ: From the official web-site of the Church of Sweden: As part of the grieving 
process and as a tribute, relatives and friends BJ: can carry the coffin with 
the dead.

BJ: And: Some mourners might want to carry the coffin together - men and women.

BJ: From the website of a Swedish Funeral Undertaker: Many will wish to 
BJ: bear the coffin themselves with the help of family and friends.

BJ: No hints that immediate family are excluded.

BJ: But perhaps that is not really being a pallbearer? I did a little 
BJ: Googling and found some American sites that described the pallbearers' 
BJ: function, and that was a lot more than just carry the coffin out of the 

JH: I was a pallbearer for one of my aunts, as well as being Principal Mourner, 
but only partly because we couldn't find anyone
else to do it. I also _wanted_ to. The church had three steps from the street to 
the terrace around the church, then another five steps to the narthex, then 
another step to the nave.  Funeral director hated having funerals in the church, 
especially for heavy people who had really elaborate and heavy caskets. Had to 
be _lifted_. 

Jane Hotchkiss


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