[LMB] More wormhole layout data!

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On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 10:07 PM, Royce McDaniels
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> From DI:
> "Just take a little mixed-freight run through the fringes of the Cetagandan
> Empire. We jumped in through the Hegen Hub, via Vervain, and skirted round
> to Rho Ceta. All those arrogant, suspicious bastard inspectors who boarded
> us at the jump points turned up nothing to hold against us, though they'd
> have liked to, because there wasn't anything aboard but what our filed
> manifest said. Gave old Firka a good chuckle. Till we were heading out for
> the last jumps, for Rho Ceta through those empty buffer systems just before
> the route splits to Komarr. We made one little mid-space rendezvous there
> that didn't appear on our flight plan."
> "It was that uninhabited binary system a few jumps out from Rho Ceta, I
> don't know if you know it—"
> Miles nodded in encouragement.
> "They went inbound, deeper into the grav well. Maybe they were planning to
> swing around the suns and approach one of the jump points from a disguised
> trajectory"
> Some points stand out:
> 1) you can get to Rho Ceta from Vervain. This appears to be via another
> route into the Komarr system which splits off after the buffer system where
> Guppy got Dubaer's cargo. It does not appear to be the same as the one via
> the Hegen Hub and Pol. And there are a number of jumps through buffer
> systems to get there.

You go through the Cetagandan Empire to get to Rho Ceta from Vervain.
I read this as Rho Ceta being a cul-de-sac off the route between
Komarr and other parts of the Cetagandan Empire. Works fine.


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