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Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Wed Jan 5 08:58:22 GMT 2011

William A Wenrich wrote on 2011-01-05:

> One of the (many) things that bug me about modern (possibly
> just American,
> but I have no proof) culture is the ongoing assumption that
> all
> relationships are sexual. History, literature, and personal
> experience
> indicate (to me at least) that there are many very close
> relationships that
> are not at all sexual.
> That is probably what disturbs me so much about slash, the
> assumption that
> everything is sex.

Well, the standard answer to that objection among slash writers is probably that there are also many close relationships that are not sexual between men and women, and yet heterosexual romance in fiction does not seem to bother those who, like you, single out slash when raising this objection. Male-female friendships can be deep and meaningful as well, yet mainstream popular fiction has an overwhelming tendency to ignore this and pair up two people of the opposite sex who are close friends.

Me, I think they kind of have a good point, though by and large I also tend to prefer gen (i.e. fics with not pairings) to slash when reading fanfiction. I'm big on really close friendship love in fiction. Only, not just between guys. So I also tend to prefer gen to het, and to femmeslash. And when I do like to read romance I can like slash, gen and femmeslash about equally (depending on the characters involved, naturally).


Elin B

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