[LMB] woodstoves, OT: was The Birthday Tixie

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 5 10:50:51 GMT 2011

> Woodstoves do have a couple of issues -- one, dealing with the firewood
> (esp. if you don't have the space to store much of it), and two, around here
> when it's cold and dry is when we get our temperature inversions and our
> burn bans.
> Megaera

I use a formatted log that uses up scrap wood - instead of being 
compressed into pellets that feed into a stove from a hopper, they burn 
like real logs [this is one brand, I use another brand as well depending 
on which is cheaper at the time we shop for them] and one excellent 
selling point is that they come containerized, no bugs and no crumblies 
dropping off to scunge up the living room. They also burn with less ash 
residue and almost no creosote or particulates. They start  quite nicely 
as well with minimal kindling - usually all we use is a couple homemade 
pinecone and wax firestarters [pop an open dry pine cone into a 
cardboard egg carton well, pour in reclaimed wax from candle ends and 
let solidify, cut apart.]

Never been in a place that had to deal with inversions ... what is the 
difference between a wood stove, and either gas or oil heat for burning?

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