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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 5 14:50:11 GMT 2011

> From: Anke Wehner anke.wehner at gmail.com

> On 5 January 2011 05:21, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Well, I got all excited and ordered all seven books - the Chalion
> > books and the Sharing Knife ones.
> > I have all but the FIRST book in each series.
> >
> And what about The Spirit Ring?
> My copy arrived.
> Anke

Thanks to a kind person here, I had a copy on the computer, but 
I hadn't got into it much. Then, thanks to another kind person here,
a copy of the book arrived! I was raised by a librarian, I love BOOKS.

So, in honour of my new Spirit Ring, I followed my usual routine for
a new book (when it's one of my favourite authors).

To really enjoy a new book I require:
* A bubble bath
* A glass of white wine (this time I went for Bailey's Irish Cream 
instead - thank you Santa)
* Some nice nibblies
* The book (of course)
* My phone

And I had a nice window of time all by myself (my idea of holidays 
is NOT a camping trip for heavens sake).

So, the plan was - a lovely hour in the bubbles, to start the book,
then I'll get out and have something to eat, there's something I 
want to see on TV this evening, all perfect.

Four hours later I'm sitting in a bath of cold water still reading.

I did get out of the bath, finally, long after the show I'd wanted
to see was over, long past the time I meant to eat, still reading.

I've finished the book now. LOVED it. I need to read it again soon,
to get all the nuances. But it was great!

And that's why I haven't thought about getting a Kindle or anything - 
not till they make a waterproof one. There's nothing like a bubble
bath, a glass of wine, and a book you really want to read.
And thanks to the kind people on this site for helping out.

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