[LMB] (was) Dono - (Now) Is Barrayaran homosexuality a'MUTATION'?

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> On Jan 4, 2011, at 1:27 PM, Anke Wehner wrote:
>>> Yes. Sex sells stuff
>> Or keeps people from buying stuff, e.g. me and mainstream comics or
>> computer games or anything by that company that advertised its
>> cellphones with women in sponge bikinis cleaning a car by rubbing
>> themselves against it, etc.
> But it sells farm more stuff than not.   The advertising industry tests 
> their campaigns and knows what works.

Not necessarily.  Lots of studies have shown that the ads get noticed, but 
that they don't result in stimulated sales increases....

Consider book covers.  Marketing departments do NOT seem to actually do 
studies, they follow fads.... The cover for the first edtion of A Game of 
Thrones by George RR Martin was text-only on black background, a marketing 
department fiat imposed over the objection of the art director. "and it sold 
miserably."  The paperback reprint had a generic fantasy scene of people in 
medieval outfits on horseback "And it sold like hotcakes' 

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