[LMB] Cryoburn question (was Boooooooring)

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 5 19:16:48 GMT 2011

Deborah Dempsey wrote					
> Re coffins and caskets:  My summer location, in Nova Scotia, is home to
> the
> weekly newspaper The Casket.  It took me approximately 20 years to come to
> terms with it.  Now I am comfortable with the Anglo-Canadian language, as
> well as with being offered a cup of tea whenever I drop in on a neighbor.

Heh - I'd already internally noted that I wouldn't use the word 'casket' for
a box to bury someone in (in Britspeak that would always be a 'coffin',
whatever the shape).  Now you're jogging my brain cells and I realise that
to me a casket would be an ornate wooden box for holding something
interesting or valuable - hence the name of the newspaper, I suspect.


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