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On 1/4/2011 10:07 PM, Judy R. Johnson wrote:
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> OLD from JRJ>  I'll repeat my wish - that old single-hulled oil 
> tankers being phased out should some of them be renovated to carry RV 
> (recreational  vehicles) and when we reach port, we go ashore in same,
> doubling up in just a few of them for the shorter shore trips.  For 
> longer trips, drive each party's RV onto railroad flatbeds or cars 
> like on the Chunnel.  No suitcases ever again.

Marilyn>> Interesting, sort of like an RV container ship.

>>Trailer type RV or motorhome type RV? I spotted a company that makes
custom expedition motorhomes based on ultraheavy frames and powerplants like
those that go into the larger garbage trucks -
http://globalxvehicles.com/vehicles-1/vehicle-91/  One could equip it with a
sling lift fairly easily.

>>With the custom graphics option we could have some serious fun =) I know
we have a number of talented graphics people on list =)

>>An around the world expedition could be a blast. I actually prefer driving
to train though, not sure how much it would cost to load the crew onto a
hired train, it would probably need to transport at least 20 RVS, and have a
dining car and club car, and enough sleeper cars for all
40/50 of us and our families/guests. Much of the fun of road trips is
dawdling along and stopping at roadside tourist traps and trains don't
really allow for random unplanned fun.


NEW from JRJ> I was thinking more of just using scheduled train service for
long overland trips to get to inland points of interest, renting a flatbed
traincar and axle-chaining a regular rv onto it - or several, depending on
size.  The Chunnel has special meshwalled cars for carrying autos, trucks
and RVs, already; these ought to become common for other trains eventually.
No need for everyone aboard the converted cruise ship  or single-hulled
ex-tanker to jump ship, just those who want to visit Devil's Tower or Ayers
Rock, while the ship goes through the Panama Canal or whatever and meets the
overlanders at Seattle or wherever.  

The thing that enchanted me about the Chunnel arrangements was that you
could stay in your car or RV and not have to purchase a seat elsewhere on
the train (control your own environment, and your pets stay with you).
Ferries still make you purchase a cabin ticket (boo, hiss!) and stay out of
your own rig.  The Chunnel had restrooms and snackbars available, and for
long continental hauls they could have view cars and/or game rooms and even
fancy dining.  

Trains (and ships) can haul the same pound of weight many times cheaper than
RVs and automobiles doing the same distance, and nobody has to drive each
vehicle.  Just drive aboard the traincar using a diagonal ramp from the
station (no need for winches).  I've done it several times with an RV on the

There's a big potential market for this but the business critters have their
blinders on; can't see that there's a market for the same people who don't
want ritzy crowded noisy overly entertaining cruise ships and who wanted to
travel by ocean freighters before they got priced out of sight.  If there
were sufficient demand so that there were railroad carrier cars coming
through on all scheduled train runs, it should be possible to ride some of
the way and drive some of the way, getting on and off as the fancy takes you
and space is available, either singleton RVs or in a convoy.  Then back onto
the ship to greet your stay-aboard friends and sail off to the next
continent.   Vote for which one.  If you lose, switch to a different
expedition that is going your way; you're paying by the day per space used
and per service, not some strangulation ###%##%#!! contract.

In the ship's hold, either trailer-type or motorhome RVs could have
connections for electric, freshwater, gray- and black-water disposal, and
wi-fi and/or network. Pickup campers would go just as easily, even small
vans, pop-tops.  Central store, some supplemental passenger cabins,  first
aid and entertainment facilities, even online schooling and village-type
civil authority could be provided.  Hot tubs.  I presently am a full-time
camper in a 720 acre club-membership campground that is run like a small
town, with a manager and about 20 staffers, plus volunteers.  With a ship,
depending on size, suppose it would be a paid captain, maybe 5-10 crew, and
some part-timers plus volunteers.

As a co-op, how much money could we raise for this?  Any sugardaddies on the
list?  How about venture capitalists?  "Expeditionary Ventures, LLC."

Myself, I keep myself awake planning stuff like this.  I have to turn it off
if I want to sleep, by playing solitaire on my cellphone.

Entwife Judy
Who doubts if the status quo is ever well enough to be let alone

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