[LMB] OT: Good historical fiction is out there WAS: It's ADVERTISING!!! (was)

Kirsten Edwards sphinx.graphix at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 02:34:29 GMT 2011

When another listee (G. Powell? A. Charrel-Berthillier) commented that she
avoided historical fiction because "I don't want to be any more confused
about what happened and what didn't than the fact that history is recorded
by humans already causes."

Paula Lieberman pointed out "There is historical fiction which goes for
accuracy though."

Best of all, at least in "young adult" (i.e. written for the teen or at
least teen-collection library market) historical fiction there are novels
which have detailed afterwards explained what was and wasn't invented, the
author's source material etc.

A good example is INVASION OF SANDY BAY - quite nice little
Captains-Courageous-esque adventure in which a tiny north-eastern sea coast
town whupps the Red Coats AND thwarts a no-goodnick local political bigwig
for good measure.

Kirsten (delurking after many moons & cleaning out a 2000+ message LMB
inbox. Ye gods and little green apples...)

N.B. Fabulous post, Pouncer!

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