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Thu Jan 6 02:52:45 GMT 2011

> From: "Paula Lieberman" paal at gis.net

> Remember the show, was it 20th century or 21st century, that Walter Cronkite 
> hosted? There's nothing on commercial broadcast TV like it today. 
> Remember Wild Kingdom?

Do you get much UK programming?
In Oz we get a mix of US, UK and home-grown, with a bit from NZ and 
the SBS station that has other foreign shows.
As a very general observation, the US shows we get (especially the 
sitcoms) skew towards the lowest common denominator. I know
they're not representative of the country's entire output, and there's
some wonderfully good ones, too (often the slightly odd or sf ones).
The UK shows are - well, a range. I adore all those weird shows that, 
on paper, sound uninspiring - like a show about people who want a
house in the country, so they get four to look at to see if they like any
of them. They rarely buy one, but who cares? It's so much fun seeing
all those old cottages, almost-mansions, and everything in between.
Should be a dull show, but isn't at all. The UK dramas tend to be less
formulaic, and assume you're paying attention so they don't keep
repeating the important parts for you (I usually got lost halfway through
Morse, or had to work hard to keep up).
NZ shows are clever and have an interesting viewpoint.
Home-grown try hard, do best when they're not imitating other
countries. Hit or miss, lots of misses but some glorious hits. And they
tend to assume the audience is reasonably intelligent.
TV (and movies) can be brilliant. It seems to me that the further the
advertisers and grey little bean-counters are from the creative process,
the better.


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