[LMB] OT: Thinking of England (was) Dono

Kirsten Edwards sphinx.graphix at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 03:05:54 GMT 2011

Gwynne Powell viz the disconnect between the squishy pneumatic ladies of the
mens magazines and the stick thin models favored by women's magazines:

"...(I read somewhere that the proportions of the ideal model
are similar to those of an adolescent boy, which was noted as a comment on
clothing designers and their preferences). There doesn't seem to be much
connection between the two, you wonder sometimes how the human race
manages to continue."

According to my sister (who fits the type [1] and had a brief run-in with
the fashion-model industry) the idea is to make the clothes look good. The
closest the body can come to a clothes hanger the better. The older a woman
gets, and the further removed from a peer group that takes fashion-model
industry seriously, the less she's likely to pay attention to this bizarre
"ideal" and the more likely she is to, ahem, accentuate her assets when it
comes to trying to catch the eye of some fella she likes.

For better or worse the females of  **homo sapiens urbanitas** [2] are the
only ones likely to to purchase or create women's magazines--and they're not
the ones reproducing.

ObBujold: the  phenomenon doesn't appear to exist in the Nexus--not even
among the Cetagandans or the Jackson's Whole population.

Kirsten (clearly delurking with a vengeance)

[1] A brief aside: nothing wrong with the lasses born with the boy-style
figures by-the-bye: too often it seems as if their body-type (and the
possessors of it by implication) get lambasted simply because the fashion
industry seems to want to shoe-horn every other woman into it.

[2] Yes, the latin probably sucks. What should it be?

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