[LMB] Pallbearers (was: Boooooooring)

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Thu Jan 6 03:50:23 GMT 2011

I don't know. People do strange things in shock and grief. People do strange things all the time.  Maybe to do things right and proper, Bothari would have wanted all funeral customs(most of which _I_ won't  claim to know about) observed on Barrayar.

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> Kevin:
> > And yet, in ACC, Aral speaks of grandchildren to light his funeral pyre. 
> > Perhaps there's the big ceremony with eulogies, etc, and the pallbearers 
> > carry the casket out at the end to be whisked off to the crematorium. 
> > What's interred at the family plot at Vorkosigan Surleau are the ashes.
> Then why would Miles have brought Bothari's body intact all the way back 
> from Tau Verde at the end of TWA?
> Megaera 
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